We are from Slovenia. We had always wanted to spend cold winter days somewhere warm … under the palm trees.

 When we came to Sri Lanka for our first holidays, our life-long dream began to materialise. We are eternal travellers who want to enjoy and experience countries we visit. At the same time, we want to keep a little bit of the comfort of our home. A clean bathroom, hot water and a pleasant atmosphere. We had been daydreaming about merging and upgrading all these desires and requests, and offer them to people and travellers who are seekers like us.

Sri Lanka gave us the chance to make our dream come true. We found a nice plot of land not far from the sea, where you can always hear the sound of the waves and you know that the ocean is near. Coconut trees create a tropical ambiance, tall mahogany trees give shade in the hot tropical climate, while the mighty neem cools and invites to meditation.

We began. We were committed to our goal, which helped us attract the right people, the people we needed to make our dream come true.

We built a home for ourselves and for the people who wish to experience Sri Lanka.

As we were building our home, we were getting to know Sri Lanka. Its people, their mindset and values, cultural heritage, their invaluable knowledge of herbs, Ayurveda. And of course, its beautiful landscape and food, which could not differ more from the landscape and food back home.

Sri Lanka and Sri Lankans have been teaching us how to be patient and persistent, and how important it is to believe the decisions you make in this completely different world.


The Lassanai Residence is a logical next step in the love story born when we first visited Sri Lanka. Everything began so beautifully, let it continue in the same way. Lassanai means “beautiful” and “a beautiful residence” is the meaning of the full name of our house.

We thought it would be selfish of us to keep all this peace, tranquillity and beauty to ourselves, so we decided to share all this with you during your holidays.