You will encounter stories and beauties of Sri Lanka, its people and its tasty food. We will do our best for you to enjoy your stay with us, making you want to return.

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The house was built in the tranquil area of the Ahungalla village near the Indian Ocean. You can not see the ocean due to lush vegetation; you can only hear the sound of the waves in the distance. The tropical garden was designed in line with feng shui principles which support users of the garden in their activities throughout the day.




It is a wonderful feeling when you can simply be.

When it does not matter who you are, what you are, what your job is, what king of a car you drive, what tomorrow will bring and what happened yesterday. This moment is all that matters. When you are aware of nature, the powerful colours of flowers and the birds chirping around you. When you calm down and simply are.

Planning was a lengthy process which included discussions, literature and experiences of local builders, as well as the help of architects. During planning, a great deal of attention was paid to existing vegetation and adjustment to it.  A diverse property was built, suitable for creation, work and rest.

We built our home and a few guest rooms, as well as a water tower with a solar power plant. We did not forget about the staff that take good care of the surroundings and provide good food. Because we care, we decided to be as self-sustained as possible. We dedicated some space in the garden to tropical fruit trees and medicinal plants growing in this environment. We also adjusted the vegetable garden to local conditions.  We can always enrich our meals with vegetable from our own garden. We dug a well because we need plenty of water to water our plants. The sea was replaced by a pool. It is connected with an outdoor dining area, since these are the tropics and outdoor living is the most wonderful.

Lassanai residence
Thotawatta Road, Ahungalla,
Sri Lanka

Residence: +94 766 40 54 88
Milan: +386 41 639 171
Breda: +386 41 895 496

   Lassanai Residence